Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, after we finished our feast and were just getting started on all of our beautiful desserts, (not that it's relevant, but we had pumkin pie, deep dish apple pie, lemon merengue pie, 2 chocolate creme pies, vanilla creme pie, and carmel pecan tart, along with ice cream and whipped cream - YUMMY!), Andrew approached me. He looked up, his wide eyes full of question and said disappointedly:

"But Mom, I thought the Indians were coming......." :-)

They had been talking about Thanksgiving at Preschool last week, and apparently Drew realized a key part of the first Thanksgiving feast was missing at ours!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Brains or Brawn

Today, I took Nate and Drew on a big grocery shopping trip. Our trunk was loaded to the brim with bags of groceries. When we arrived home I instructed Drew to go inside and see if Dad could help us unload the groceries (this has to be one HUGE benefit to having Warren around during the day)! Drew said, "We get Dad because he is so strong." I looked at him and smiled. Then, worried that he had made a faux pas, somehow insulting ME because he said dad is stronger, he quickly added, "well, Daddy is stronger, but you are smarter." I laughed and agreed. THEN, he quickly pointed out that, "Daddy's head is bigger, but you are still smarter." :-)

I think brains wins over brawn, every time! :-)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What happens after first?

Drew and Nate (but especially Drew) have been lately obsessed with doing their 'homework'. It is so cute! Drew will suggest they do homework and they will both go get out their little preschool workbooks and do assignments. Today, Diana was trying to explain the instructions to one assignment to Nate. He was supposed to circle the FIRST picture in each row. She was having a hard time finding the words to describe being the first one, without just giving him the answers! Somehow, they started talking about eating dinner and finishing first. Drew was listening intently when Diana said, "Nate, what happens after you're the first one finished with dinner." Drew looked at Nate and in a loud stage whisper told him,"DESSERT."

Of course!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunbeams forever

Yesterday morning when Warren was helping Drew get ready for church, Warren was talking about the other children in Sunbeams. Then they started talking about Sister Mortenson, his teacher. I (Allison) also teach the sunbeams - every other month I teach. Anyhow, when Warren mentioned that I was the other teacher, Drew got very upset. He said, "NO, Mommy IS a sunbeam." No amount of rational discussion would persuade him - apparently I do not have the proper authority to teach sunbeams! :-)


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Tonight at bedtime Drew was so snuggly and sweet! I wish I could capture and always remember how darling he was in his little blue plaid flannel pajama pants, Bob the Builder pajama T-shirt, and blue slippers. He and Nate were snuggling up on top of the dog bed and when I sat down by them, Drew came over, sat on my lap, wrapped his arms around me and sighed, "I yuv you, mom." What a sweetheart!

As he was getting ready for bed, Drew had an itch on his chin. He scratched it, and looked at me with a very serious expression and said, "I sink I have the Chicken Fox." :-)

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Today at church, Drew was sitting on my lap. He rolled up his sleeve, pointed to a little spot on his arm and said, "mom, I have a pickle." He then proceeded to roll up my sleeves so he could count my 'pickles'. I know he meant 'freckles', but it made me smile!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Best friends

Today as I was upstairs in the family room, Drew came marching up the stairs from the basement, hands on hips and demanded:

"MOMMY, where is my best fwiend Nate!?!?!"

I thought it was so cute that, rather than ask me where his brother was, he asked me where his friend was.